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Do you teach or would you like to teach coding?

Are you learning to code or want to help your child how to code?

abarkerHello! My name is Alastair and I have been lucky enough to teach computing for many years.

The bedrock of my teaching is Computational Thinking.  These are the steps we all take to solve any kind of problem.  Part of Computational Thinking is telling a computer what to do.  For this we need coding; students need to be able to tell a computer system what they want it to do. Without this, they cannot put their theory into practice.

Coding lessons need to be engaging, purposeful, offer scope for students to explore yet scaffolded to help those that struggle. Then student progress needs to be assessed accurately and consistently – all within a 50 minute time frame!

This site outlines some of the ideas I have found that work.  How I try to provide enough imagination food for all appetites.

If you would like personal tutoring, book a MakerParty (birthday party for techies!), book private group teaching or attend holiday courses then please contact me.

The BBOARD.  The perfect complement to your Microbit, Arduino or RaspberryPi.

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An example: physical computing lesson

Click to view an example Skill Sheet used in PhysCom lessons


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