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In order to provide students with challenges and assistance both within, and beyond the school gates, I have created

It is currently in Beta release and if you are a teacher and want to help with the development of this environment then please contact me.

myCodeChallenge from a teachers point of view:

  • A place to upload tasks, challenges and research questions for students to use, reducing printing costs and enabling homework to set easily
  • A place to upload help sheets and links to appropriate sites to provide assistance to those that need it
  • See class sets of student answers all in one place, easily and simply from a list
  • Provide feedback to student answers easily and simply
  • See how students feel about the challenges as they can assign a confidence ratings to their answers: happy, meh, un-happy
  • Provide appropriate levels of assistance based on student ability through the use of ‘Hokens’ – help tokens
  • Easily assess tasks based the level of challenge and the amount of help required by the student (they spend their ‘Hokens’ for help)

myCodeChallenge from a student point of view:

  • Find challenges and homeworks all in one place – no confusion
  • Find help and appropriate assistance for the given challenges
  • Discover more challenges and push yourself further
  • Buy help from teachers and other students using the virtual currency ‘Hokens’
  • Become a consultant and get rewarded for your help and advice by earning ‘Hokens’ from other students
  • Easily see how to improve your work through effective teacher feedback
  • Show off your work to others