Get coding!

Use these resources to learn:

Book: Teaching to Code: Newbie to GCSE

If you are interested in how to become confident to teach coding up to GCSE level in UK schools, then please look out for my book:

“Teaching to code: Newbie to GCSE” which will be coming out by the end of March 2016

It will provide enough information and insight to enable you and your department members to teach coding up to GCSE level.  It will contain what you need to know (leaving out that which you just don’t!), delivery ideas, assessment grids, class activities, project ideas and anecdotal teaching tips to give you the confidence to deliver coding lessons.

Please contact me to register your interest and I will let you know when it is ready.

Don’t know where to start?

Do you have a BBoard?BBoard2  Try BBoard Pong (don’t forget to install your Arduino first! CLICK HERE):

Need more help?



No BBoard? Learn by creating games:

pong front cover.fw

These will be available very soon…!

space invaders front cover.fw

flappycats front cover.fw


All downloadable resources

Codes to access all downloadable resources can be found on BBoard packaging or “Teaching to Code: Newbie to GCSE” books

Books coming soon…

  • Learning to Code: Starting from Scratch
  • Learning to Code: From Scratch to GCSE
  • Teaching to Code: Accompanying teacher resource

Sniff – text based Scratch: The next step

Sniff has been developed by Dr Ian Stephenson and his team at Bournemouth University.  It has been under going school trials over the last couple of years and Ian has now opened it to all.

Sniff is free.  CLICK HERE to find out more and download it.

Bournemouth_University_logo_svg           sniff.fw

Click to view example of Sniff Skills Sheet


The BBoard

Want to learn Creative (aka Physical) Computing?  Don’t waste precious time fiddling with components.  This board is Arduino and Raspberry Pi compatible and has just enough components built in to provide scope for loads of project/lesson ideas.

BBoards from only £5* each

BBoard_pic   madeinuk

arduinologoRaspberry-Pi-Logo1Designed for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

R-P-R have kindly agreed for a limited period of time to sell visitors to this site ‘teachers packs‘ of x25 BBoards for only £125*

This is a saving of £75 off their list price!

* Plus VAT.  Use the discount code “AlsTechGarage” when ordering.

rprlogo2015 Click HERE to order

Online resources

Provide challenges online

Want to offer these and your own challenges online, with the ability to see student responses?  CLICK HERE to request access to the Beta version of:

codeChallengeLogo solo

The Internet of Things (IoT)

It’s happening right now.

Our students need to be ready and able to actively participate.  This is the gold rush era that made so many early WWW developers very successful.

Arduino/Raspberry Pi + sensor boards like the BBoard can collect data individually but the point of the IoT is that data points are joined up – connected.  What is needed is an infra structure that connects our individual students’ work together, simply, quickly and cost effectively.

Collect, collate and analyse IoT data

Want a student friendly environment to upload your IoT and PhysCom data to?

Screenshot 2015-10-10 at 15.57.55

it education with children group in school at computer science class learning leassons and practice typing