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My name is Alastair.

I've been messing around with computers since the early 1980's. I love the way technology can make our lives more efficient and effective. IT is logical, creative and enables us to solve problems.

AlsTechGarage is a collection of projects I am involved with.

They are ways I can share my passion with you.

I hope it helps!

Physical Computing in the Classroom

I have developed a number a ways to engage students to learn how to code. After trying to use individual sensors in class I designed and manufactured (along with RPR Ltd.) a physical coding board called BBoard. I'm proud to say it is used in schools around the World.

CLICK HERE for a demo and CLICK HERE for more details and to purchase.

"Teach to Code" & "Imagination Food" books

I have written a couple of books on how to teach students to code. They include how to structure a coding course, assess progress and how to run a successful Computer Science department.

Please contact me for more details.

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The root of my teaching is solving problems using the steps of Computational Thinking (CT).

thinkCT.com is a portal full of lesson resources developed over many years and used daily in my UK primary and secondary classrooms.

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Are you a parent/carer of a child that would appreciate a Tech Camp holiday experience or a birthday Maker Party?

Are you a Headteacher, primary or secondary, that would like staff CPD in teaching the new UK Computer Science curriculum?

techTeachersDirect is the commercial arm of AlsTechGarage offering holiday clubs, tech competitions, private tutoring, UK school staff CPD and/or fully assessed PPA cover lessons.

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Working in partnership with a young, but experienced programmer, Productivity Systems Ltd. offers bespoke and tailoured software solutions to businesses and organisations.

Our most poplular product is ClubAdminAssistant, an online tool to radically reduce administrative workload for any club that manages multiple courses/classes.